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I have a 1924-D Lincoln Penny with an error on the reverse side.

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There is a clear depression on the reverse side of this 1924-D beginning at the N in CENT, running through the N in ONE and extending topside to the second U in PLURIBUS.

This depression extends leftward and then ramps up at a line between middle of the O in ONE, extending topside between the first U and R in PLURIBUS. If you look at the photos closely you can see a faint shadow on the left side of the depression where it ramps upward.

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NGC categorizes this penny as a 1924-D Reverse Die Dent Mint Error.I've seen this identical error on another 1924-D in the identical location.

I don't know if Die Dent is an accurate term for this mint error. There appears to be some disagreement as to the exact cause of this mint error.

Does anyone know how this mint error occurred? From what I have been reading, this same error has occurred on various years from 1924 to 1944 at all three mints.

Past Errorscope Reviews
July/August 2005 Errorscope Review
"Diamond undertakes a survey of flat die dents (paired and unpaired) that can be found on the reverse face of cents carrying the dates 1924, 1941, 1943, and 1944. Eleven different die pairs are represented incorporating all three mints (PDS). Its possible that a machine part possibly part of the feeder mechanism is causing this damage. The dents range from barely noticeable to quite dramatic. The strongest example occurs in a 1924-D cent. The discoverer of most of the die dents, Garland McKelvey, has recently reported finding something on the order of 20 more cases, ranging between the years 1920 and 1945."