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Error Coins Thread, 1982 D small date copper penny in Coin Forums; Can someone please tell me if this is what I think it is? It weighs 3.13 g and looks different ...
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    1982 D small date copper penny

    Can someone please tell me if this is what I think it is? It weighs 3.13 g and looks different than all the other same date pennys I have. It may also be dbl die but not sure.Name:  thumbnail,b.jpg
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    So there are 8 verities. 1982 brass large date, 1982 brass small date, 1982 zinc large date, 1982 zinc small date, 1982-D brass large date, 1982-D zinc large date, 1982-D zinc small date. I think its the 1982-D brass small date that's super rare, but the zinc Denver small dates are valuable with doubling and good grade (there's the proof too) Also I'm pretty new as well, but I can tell you for sure you have a 1982-d brass large date, which is important only if its high grade (probably to put in a set) or doubling (can't tell from pic).

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    I just found a 1982 copper small date no mint mark.
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    I have a huge container sitting next to me that is filled with the 1982 coins as I have spent years looking for the small date Denver minted coin.

    From what I understand, the valuable 1982-D coin is a small date and it will weigh 3.11 grams as it is copper and not a zinc cent.

    You have a large date 1982 D penny. The way to tell is at the "2" in the date. I've never found a copper 1982 D penny, but I have a lot of the small date D zinc cents. I can't post a link but there are websites that show the difference between all of the 1982 pennies.

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