Though cross-chain technology has been a hot topic since 2017, we havenít seen any projects that can realize the direct interaction between 2 chains. What we can see now is just some fake centralized cross-chain mode realized through notary mechanism, which is applied by Binance and DEX.
BDEX can be said the first exchange that realize decentralized interaction between 2 public chains. BDEX has realized the cross-chain trading between ETH and EOS through smart contract and hash timelock. Therefore, BDEX has the technical ability to be one of the top exchanges. In addition to the trading pair of ETH and EOS, BDEX will open trading pairs of BTC, BCH,NEO and other mainstream public chains.
BDE, the platform token of BDEX has been listed on BCEX, if you donít want to miss a chance for decentralized exchange, BDEX will be your best choice.