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General Numismatic Chat Thread, What You Need to Know About Chatbot Development in General Numismatic Discussions; Have you ever interacted with a chatbot? If no, you still might have heard of it for sure. If yes, ...
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    What You Need to Know About Chatbot Development

    Have you ever interacted with a chatbot? If no, you still might have heard of it for sure. If yes, then you probably thought that it can be of use in your business. And here where you are right, as more and more companies tend to choose a new and exciting way of communicating with customers through chatbots.
    In short, a chatbot is an AI (artificial intelligence) software able to do certain already programmed tasks without people’s help. From its name, their most obvious function is to have a conversation with human beings. The range of tasks grows each day with each new bot created. It can be personal assistance, restaurant reservation, calendar planning, giving the requested data in many spheres, like the weather forecast or flight’s schedule.
    In business chatbots usually play the role of a customer support representative. The more their responses seem like human ones the more valuable they are for the company. The biggest companies already have such innovative assistants. You probably were already amused by a conversation with Siri — Apple’s product. Microsoft, Amazon, Google and many others are among the first ones who have already implemented its solution into business processes.
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    Before you seriously think through whether your business really needs such a notion let’s find out more about chatbots and their development.
    Where do bots come from?

    Everything started back in 1950 when Alan Turing represented his Turing Test where three players took part — let’s call them player A, B and C. The first two players (A — a machine and B — a human) were the ones who had to answer the questions of player C whose primary goal was to determine which one is human.
    At that time databases were much less in size than they are nowadays, so a machine had a limited number of human phrases thus at some point the test has ended as the computer had nothing to answer to player C.
    In 1966 Eliza was developed. It is a bot that performed a psychotherapist’s role. At that time it was a progressive notion, although her vocabulary was very limited. By the way, thanks to the Fullerton Department of Psychology you can still test it now. Below is how Hubspot tested it not so long ago.

    Along the further years, several institutions tried to create some sorts of a robot that speaks or moves. Among them were Shakey — a self-directed machine with limited language capabilities (developed by Stanford Research Institute), and Freddy — a non-verbal robot capable of assembling simple items (developed by the University of Edinburgh). The list can be continued, however, all of these robots were limited in one way or another.
    A huge amount of messages was sent via Minotaur by Radiohead in 2000’s — 1 million users and more than 65 million messages sent. Sorry to mention, it didn’t last long — even less than a year. That has happened to many of such bots.
    It seems like only now, the rise of numerous messengers, chatbots get over some previous mistakes in development and are ready to serve as real personal assistants either to humans individually or for some company purposes.
    Why do you seriously need to think about chatbot development?


    Chatbots have a lot to offer to businesses. Especially if you determine its functionality based on the needs of your company. Below are the list of general benefits that every sphere will like:

    • Automate customer service

    Chatbots can easily answer all simple questions your customer tend to ask from time to time.

    • Save human resources

    Chatbots are not getting tired answering simple inquiries like humans do. Instead, human resources will be of use in more complex tasks.

    • Improve company image

    As chatbots are available 24/7 potential customers can get the desired information anytime they decide to make a purchase which creates a better company image among them.

    • Save costs

    Chatbots development costs less than app development. Not to mention, that you will save money by replacing the human factor for simple inquiries from customers.

    • Stand out among competitors

    Chatbots tend to be adopted by most businesses in the near future, so being among the first ones will give you leadership in your sphere and build tech-savvy customers loyalty.

    • Speed up processes

    Chatbots are not limited by the number of conversations they can lead unlike humans do. It makes them more efficient and cost-effective.

    • Choose time- and cost-efficient

    With chatbots, you can turn more visitors into paying customers faster and easier comparing to human only support.

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    Thanks for the complete and informative article on chatbots. I recently read an article on how to develop my startup and realized that creating a chatbot for my business will be an important step. No business can do without communication with customers. Chatbots are modern technologies that allow you to automate communication with customers and improve the service.



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