Hello, I am a junior attending Wylie East high school. I have been studying coins for the past four years but now I want to take it to the next level by partaking in a course called TPSP which stands for Texas Performance Standards Project course. This course is a high school version to a mastersrs thesis that requires a final product. My goal for this course is to bring my passion for numismatics into a business setting by helping other people start their own collections.

My final product is going to be a starter set that is going to have all of the coins, supplies, and knowledge that any new coin collector will need to start a coin collection. A part of this set is going to be a pocket sized reference booklet that will give new coin collectors information that they will need when making purchasing decisions; information such as such as mint mark identification, coin identification. and basic grading. A chapter in this book is going to be coin identification and another is going to be basic grading and currently I am in the process of obtaining images for the coin identification portion of this booklet and will greatly appreciate any help obtaining images!
I hope that you have a good day
- Brandon Spiegel