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Investing in Coins and Bullion Thread, Gold Prices in Coin Forums; I was a trader for around ten years, but I'll admit, I never dealt with gold futures, it was something ...
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    Gold Prices

    I was a trader for around ten years, but I'll admit, I never dealt with gold futures, it was something I just never bothered with it since the rate of return on trading my stocks short term was much greater, and I never would trade in something I am not too familiar with.

    An article I read in Numismatic News was pretty interesting yesterday, and it's hard to believe it's the ninth year in a row that gold had finished higher, maybe I missed out on something.

    I check the articles at pretty much on a weekly basis, and in this economy the headlines seem to change every week from 'Gold Prices Slip Amid Recovery Fears', to 'Gold Soars on Bad Economic Reports'.

    So which is it? It's either a strengthening dollar, or a weakening dollar. These days it seems that everyone wants to be an analyst, and they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about, their opinions change on a daily basis. Analysis of the markets means long term, not week-to-week!

    Face it, long term forecasting right now is not something that is easy to do, the economy has no definition as to which way it is going. Technical analysis during an economic crisis is useless.

    What do you think?

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    i agree its a waste of time. To much guess work.but in the long term it wount let you down.
    But only if you can afford to hold gold in hand.i dont thrust thouse paper gold thats going to be next
    the biggie. Again mhop. And as for the dollar its being around longer than the euro but yet both are younger
    than the makes one think no.
    I read a while back the first one is the euro the secound is the pound and last but not least is the dollar.
    This concerns them soverign dept of each country. If i have speelled any words wroung please forgive.dave

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    Theoretically, gold does well in a negative economic environment – weak dollar, rising inflation, shrinking stock market, indication of a war, political instability, civil unrest….. I guess you get the picture. Of recent the market fundamentals seem to have gone for a toss. Consider this, when the Fed hinted tapering of easy money policy, which indicates a recovery in the economy, it was obvious for gold prices to fall but what we saw was even the stock markets crashed on that day. Reasons for this, as I see it, are ultra loose monetary policies that allows for massive manipulation.



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