One of the things at the forefront of most people’s minds when moving into a new apartment in Ho Chi Minh is how much will they be spending each month on bills and how will they go about paying them. Here is a simple guide on the bills you will get and the different methods you have to pay them.

This is quite clearly the most important bill to pay on time. Landlords always appreciate a tenant who doesn’t pay late and this may work in your favour when it comes to renewing your lease at the end of the year. A landlord will most certainly want you to stay on if you have been a reliable tenant, and he may give you a slightly reduced rental rate for the second year.
When the time comes to pay the rent you will find the landlords bank account details on the first page of the Lease Agreement. There are a number of ways to transfer the money:

  • Bank transfer in Viet Nam Dong ONLY (you will need a local bank account to do this)
  • Walk into the bank the landlord’s account is held with and simply pay at the counter
  • Cash on hand

Whichever method is best suited to you, once the money has been transferred, keep hold of the ATM or bank receipt and keep it in a safe place.
Keep in mind that landlords also appreciate an sms or email notifying them that the rent has been paid.
* Note: Serviced Apartments in Ho Chi Minh have a slightly different procedure. The rent each month will be paid directly to the apartment and this is usually paid in cash at their apartment office.

The electricity in Vietnam is a government run public service, and every month an electricity bill is posted to all houses and condos. You will find that monthly bill in your mailbox. The bill is the size of a standard envelope. The bill will detail the number of units used and the amount needed to pay. This bill usually comes in the middle of the month and about 5 working days is given for this to be paid on time.
Average usage per person is ~250 kWh per month ~ US$ 30-40 per month
The bill can be paid in the following places:

  • 7/Eleven shops/ convenient store – this is best method as there is a 7/Eleven on practically every main street in Ho Chi Minh. Hand your bill to the 7/Eleven staff and pay at the counter. They will give you back the bill with a receipt stapled to it as proof of payment).
  • Banks – It is possible to set up an automatic payment with your Vietnam Dong bank account with CUSTOMER CODE in your bill
  • Post office

Should you miss your last payment date, The electricity will be cut after 15 days from the billing date.
* Note: Serviced Apartments have a slightly different procedure. The apartment management will calculate the electricity bill each month, and this is usually paid in cash at the apartment office. Price is from VND4000-4500 per unit

The cost of water is very cheap in Vietnam. A monthly bill for a condo, for instance, would rarely, if ever, exceed 150 Vietnam Dong , regardless of the size of the place. Each month a water bill will arrive in your mailbox, and this is to be paid in Apartment office management. Once the bill is paid, the apartment staff will issue you a receipt, and we advise all tenants to keep this in case of a dispute of unpaid bills upon moving out.
Average usage per person is 2-5m3 per month ~ US$2-3 per month
* Note: Serviced Apartments have a slightly different procedure. It is usually included in the price.

Internet Bills
There are now a number of internet providers in Ho Chi Minh, but they all offer reasonably similar packages. Viettel, VNPT and FPT are currently the most popular providers. VIETTEL is also the telephone company, and for those who require a landline telephone number, this will be set up by VIETTEL.
Average package per month is VND300,000 per month (25-30Mbps) ~ US$15 per month
An Internet Bill is again a monthly bill that arrives in your mailbox and can be paid in the following places:

  • 7/Eleven
  • Banks
  • Local Providers Office (True has their main branch in Fortune Town Mall, Rama 9 MRT station)

* Note: Serviced Apartments have a slightly different procedure. It is usually included in the price.
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