No matter how nice they are, always make sure to have everything agreed upon in a contract.
This is for both your own benefit and the landlordís. It sets the boundaries and obligations of both parties. A landlord that is unwilling to sign a contract with you is probably not up to any good. With that being said, I am not wholly sure how much protection a tenant would have in Taiwan over a landlord, but better safe than sorry when it comes to issues regarding your lease.

An oral contract is not a contract.
Get everything down in writing and make sure it is fair to you and the owner. Nobody will care if you have an oral agreement. Even if it is recorded, that wonít hold up.

If something is broken, try and fix it. If you canít fix it, tell the owner immediately. This is especially true if you have just moved into a new place and you find things are broken. When I moved into my accommodation, the shower pressure and temperature was bipolar and a myriad of different things were cracked, smashed or completely broken. The last rent holder should have told the landlord and they were lucky they got their bond back. I told the owner immediately and everything was fixed. plenty of landlords will be helpful if within first month of your stay. Some will request you fix things yourself and foot the cost yourself.

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