What to request?
You will have with a number of different condo for rent in Ho Chi Minh, leading you to have plenty of questions, the first of which being “which inquiries should I ASK?”. Therefore, here are some suggestions:
Are utilities (electricity, gas, water) included in the monthly price?
Is there internet and cable or will I have to sign up for them myself?

Is it furnished?
How long will the lease be signed for? One year? 6 months?
Scooter parking – is it available? If so, where? Do I wish to pay extra?
When do I get my bond back?
What is the penalty if I have to cancel the contract?

You probably say No:
Unfortunately, we, Housing HCMC also don’t know. still, you’re probably getting ripped off
You are charged more than two-months’ deposit
The landlord/lady can’t produce any English-written contract for you
It’s not clear how utilities will be charged
You are charged extra ridiculous fees, such as finder’s fees, furniture rental, internet installation fees, etc.

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