How to Negotiate a Delayed Rent Payment while you are renting an apartment in Ho Chi Minh City

  1. Let the landlord know about your situation asap

As soon as you know you canít make rent, you should write or text a note or email to your landlord. If you can make a partial payment upfront, then include that information in the letter. Offering even a partial payment signals your good faith attempt to pay your rent.

  1. Check your upcoming income

You have to make sure when you have to receive the next income to pay off or when you will be back to pay the rent.
By contrast, if you simply have no money, then there is little point negotiating a delayed payment. Effective negotiation will require that you give the landlord a date for making the payment. If you donít have the money, then consider other options of determinating the contract with a deposit refund.

  1. Give a sincere reason why you need a delay.

Your landlord will also want to know why you are late with the payment. You do not have to put all detail but some urgent cases such as illness, family problems, or even your are in urgent business tripÖ. It can make the landlord feel more acceptable.
Be careful about the reason you give. The landlord will want to see that the reason is a one-time event and not likely to recur. For example, if you donít have any money because you started a new job, or you are in a long business trip or family issues then the landlord might give you a break.

However if you donít have the money because you lost your job, then the landlord might suspect that you wonít find another job and therefore will never pay rent again.