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    What is a webcam model?

    A webcam model is also known as a cam girl, who performs on the Internet through live webcam. There are many sites recruiting webcam models. You may think it is a scam of some sort as it often says high pay job. But a webcam model is a female entertainer who interacts and entertains customers through a webcam. That is the short answer to what is a webcam model or what is a cam model. Fundamentals of webcam modeling, what a webcam model should wear, toys of webcam models should have, lighting and much more are explained in this page.

    Why you can get money?

    The viewers pay money to talk and see you. Depending on the site, you can get 50% to 10% of the amount that viewers paid. The way viewers pay money depends on the sites.
    One site may focus on tipping while other focuses on private chat. The differences on each revenue stream are explained at “How to be a cam girl“.

    How do you get money?

    Providing entertainment is the main work of internet modeling. Although there are many ways to entertain viewers, three types of revenue streams are common.

    • Pay per minutes chat

    This is common in Asian webcam sites that tipping culture does not exist. Depending on sites, the charge is 30 seconds or 1 minutes.

    • Tipping

    Free sites such as Myfreecam and Chaturbate use this tipping base system.
    Cam girls set the goal on tipping amount. Once it reaches, they do certain things that entertains viewers. Some models use sounds based vibrator that vibrate with the sounds. When webcam model receives tip, it makes sounds that vibrates the vibrator. This method allows closer interaction with viewers.

    • Selling videos and picture

    Selling videos and pictures can be autopilot making money online. Manyvids is one of the widely known platform specialized on selling videos and picture online. Some live webcam sites have a function to sell video and picture as default.

    What does webcam models do?

    Each model has different style of entertaining viewers. Models talk and entertain customers through webcam. Most of models are involved certain degree of sexual conducts. It depends on models what is their boundary is.
    It is easy to understand what is a webcam model if you think it is the same as strippers work at a strip club, but online.
    Webcam model is independent business owner. Thus, it is completely up to you how much you work. Some models do only private chat while others do group chat. Some of the models do not even show their face.
    However, top models have their unique styles such as cosplay show, games and so on.

    What is a webcam model doing offline

    Since a cam girl is an own business owner, she needs to do sales and marketing work too.
    Just broadcasting at the camming site does not make them successful webcam models.
    They work hard to maintain and develop regular customers since they are the one who stabilizes their revenue.

    • Sending letters

    Sending personalized email letter is a very effective way to keep your customers coming back. In order to personalized the letter, successful models make memos on their name, what they like, what their hobby is and any personal information of each customers who spend time with them.

    • Giving out special gifts

    Giving out an gift grabs viewers heart by providing special feeling. Gifts can be anything. It does not have to be adult related items. The gift card itself works. The intention of the gift is to make the viewers think they are special.

    • Making own website

    Models who have many regular customers have their own website. They sell video, pictures and some goods on their site. It is much more profitable than selling those at other site as there is no one to charge fees on your sell. this is great way to earn some cash offline. The website can also serve as your marketing tool. Having your own website will increase your credibility as a camgirl.

    • Preparing tax

    Sine you are independent business owner, you need to prepare tax for yourself. You need to track your own expenses and keep the receipt in case IRS audits you. You can hire tax expert to prepare for the tax. But you have to keep all the record. We explain what you can deduct and what you can not at webcam modeling tips: how to prepare tax.

    • Research what is other webcam model doing

    Camgirls are always competing with other camgirls. The entrance barrier is so low that everyone can be a webcam model. In order to stay in the market, you need to check what is the industry trends and what others are doing. If you are on top of the industry trend, you can get advantage over other models. For example, a model who started to use ombit first was making tons of money as that changed tipping game by adding more interaction aspect to the camming show. Nowadays, almost all models have it and it is not generating many tips as it used to be. The new hot trend to the camming industry may be Virtual reality show. Right now, only Camsoda offers VR camming show. What VR show is that viewers wear a VR device that allows viewers to see models from different angles. Since it is just starting out, models who are interested may get first mover advantage.
    Furthermore, in order to be a successful model, you need to have business knowledge. You can learn it at Webcam modeling tips: Internet modeling marketing class 101 — 5W2H

    Who are the customers

    There are many different type of people at the site coming to chat room. Some are very rude, some are very perverted and some are simply horny. 80% of viewers are coming to the site to satisfy their sexual desire. Most of them ask you to do sexual things. About 20% are someone who just wants to talk as they are lonely. The webcam jobs can be stressful as camgirls have to deal with crazy people.

    • Customers can be international

    Since webcam model is the online job, you can work at a foreign site serving international customers. There are many reasons that you want to work for a foreign site but main reason is money. If your country has lower GDP than other country, you may want to seek the option to work internationally rather than working for a site from your own country.

    Where does a webcam model work?

    One of the best benefits working as a camgirl is that you can work from home. Since you are independent business owner, you can decide how long you work and when you work too. If you are not confident doing all the work and need assistance, you can choose to work with a studio or an agency. Working with a studio, you have all the access to necessary equipment and help you need. Regarding an online agency, you have to be careful on which site can actually help models. Some online agency signs you up to several sites and that’s all they do and take big fees out of your earnings. is known for this. Both studio and agency take certain fees from your earning. So you need to make sure how much you can get if you are interested in working with them.

    What does a work schedule look like?

    When and how long you work is up to you. But it usually depends on which site you work for. You want to work at the time that traffic is high so that you get many viewers as much as possible.
    Furthermore, it is good idea to set the schedule and follow it. By doing so, viewers know when you work and can find your room.

    Do I need to show my face?

    You do not necessarily need to show your face to work as a webcam model. There are many models who do not show their face and earn decent money. Especially if you are marketing as fetish model, you do not need to show your face. However, you can not expect to earn as much as what other models make if you limit yourself not showing your face. A model who does not show her face usually earns 70 to 90 % less than what other models make in case you are not a fetish model.
    There is little trick to increase earning if you choose not to show your face.
    Take really nice photos of you including your face. Use photoshop to modify it to make it nicer. Use that photo as a profile picture. While you do not need to show your face during your show, viewers assume how your face looks like from the profile picture.
    If you use this method, you have to make sure you do not show your face even one moment as what viewers are thinking how you look like and how you actually look like are probably different due to magic of Photoshop.
    How much does a camgirl make?

    It greatly depends on how you look like, your personality and site you work for.
    If you work as a cam girl, you will have good days and slow days. In good day, you may make $1000 in 2 hours. In bad days, you make $10 in one day.
    We gathered data from cam girls who worked with us in the past. Check how much do cam girls make? for more details. here is rough estimate of how much cam girls are actually making.

    • 5% of the model

    $80 to $300 per hour

    • 10% of the model

    $50 to $80 per hour

    • 20% of the model

    $25 to $50 per hour

    • 35% of the model

    $10 to $25 per hour

    • 30% of the model

    0 to $15 per hour
    You may have thought being cam girl makes a lots of money. It is true that webcam model is one of the most profitable job. But not everyone can earn a lot. About 50% of camgirls make less than $25 per hour. Also the popularity of successful cam girl does not last long. Viewers are very easy to get bored. On top of that, the viewers have so many choices as new models sign up everyday. It is difficult on both being a top model and staying as a top model. In order to stay as a top model, you have to keep developing regular customers and fan base. This page explains on how to turn your customer into regular customers.
    There are many things that new model can do to improve their earnings. Even if you are hot, you can not make money if you do not follow certain rules. You can learn more about at webcam model tips: 10 things to do to prevent slow room
    What makes an successful camgirl?

    There are couples of common traits that successful webcam models have.

    • Good looking

    If you want to be a top model, you have to be attractive. You have to have beautiful or cute face as well as good looking body. You may think you are not attractive enough. But the attractive face and body are greatly different between what woman think and what man thinks. Also, the standard of attractiveness from your prospective and people from other countries are greatly different too. Since webcam model job is an online job, you can get benefits of dealing with international viewers. So even if you think you are not attractive, you are not necessarily unattractive from different prospective and culture.

    • Personality

    Camming job is a service job who entertains customers, your personality plays significant role. Viewers are there in the chat room to have fun. Having good personality such as gracious, caring, vivid and happy would attract viewers. Also you have to be able to control your emotion as you would face rude viewers who intentionally try to hurt you if you work as a camgirl.

    • Dedication

    Webcam jobs require the same level of dedication as other jobs. If you are looking for $50 or so, it is easy to do so in couple of hours. But if you are thinking to make tons of money, you have to devote your time and have a strategy. You as an independent business owner, you have many things to do by yourself to market yourself.
    Also there is no one who tells you to work. It is very easy to be lazy in such environment

    • Willingness to learn

    There are many hot/ beautiful models with empty head. Those models do not usually survive long because what they have is only good looking face and body which many of camgirls have in the market. You have to differentiate yourself from others. You need to learn from your own experience on what you can improve. The best way to differentiate yourself from others is to have broad knowledge on many subjects as the customers are coming from different backgrounds. In another word, educate yourself to be an attractive person with high intelligence. If you have background knowledge on what customers are interested, the conversation flows and customers get satisfied.

    • Webcam site they work at

    Where cam girl works at does impact her earning. There are variety of cam sites that have different feature and focuses. The best paying cam sites page explains which cam site is the best for you as a cam girl. Also we have a page for the best webcam sites for cam site beginner which explains the best webcam sites from viewers angle. It is difficult to find out which site is the best for you without try and error as what you think is important is not necessarily important to other.

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    My close friend has been working as a webcam model for two-and-a-half years. She will soon be 20 years old. Her duties are to be naked and play for the camera as she has pleasure, and the monthly income reaches three thousand dollars. Everyone knows about her profession, even her boyfriend. I can give you this url how to find her. Sometimes she talks about herself in chat.



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