Hi Billy-Bob,

Provident metals looks like more of a precious metals dealer than a "coin" dealer so I guess it would depend what it is that you buy. Are you a collector, dealer or investor? What are you buying from them and are you satisfied with it?

Most people say that your local coin shop/dealer is the best bet, though these are becoming harder to find these days. The hobby isn't what it used to be and after you pay rent in NY, you have to keep your prices up. Of course if you deal in metals, then the local dealer is not a good option.

eBay (I can see some people cringing as they read that dreaded name) is a good place to find single collector coins, bulk deals, and metals. How good a deal anything is on there depends on many factors. There are some good deals to be had, but you must be smart and patient. A quick Google search will bring up a another dozen alternatives to eBay, but I don't know of any with as much diversity and product.