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United States Coins Thread, Question about time stamps on boxes of Mint rolls in Coin Forums; I noticed an ebay listing for a mint sealed box of P&D 2014 Kennedy halves and the listing said that ...
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    Question about time stamps on boxes of Mint rolls

    I noticed an ebay listing for a mint sealed box of P&D 2014 Kennedy halves and the listing said that they were told that the mint started making the halves on 2-06-2014 at 10:30 am. The box of mint roll P&D kennedy halves had a time stamp of 10:32 on 2-06-2014. They were asking for a crazy price of $150 for the mint sealed box that normally goes for less than $70.

    Searching around I found a listing that had the time stamp of 09:56 am for 2-06-2014 so that obviously means the guy was wrong about when the started that morning. Then I got to thinking, that with P & D mint marks in the same box, those two mints are in two states far apart! There's no way the time stamp stands for when both coins were minted. Possibly one of them, if for instance one mint had a pallet of coin rolls from the other mint that they put in the box as they struck coins. So I am wondering if anyone knows what the mint process is? It could be that the time stamp simply shows when the 2 rolls of coins were packaged and has NOTHING to do with the time they were minted? They could have been boxed later at a third location other than either mint.

    If that's the case, that kind of shoots down the ebay sellers idea that his mint rolls are worth extra money because of the time stamp. I emailed the mint website asking what the process was but I'm not optimistic that they will answer me with useful information.

    Does anyone know what the process is for packaging the mint rolls of halves and if the time/date stamp signifies the time they were minted or just the time the rolls were boxed?

    Thanks for any insight on this........

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    You make a very valid point. The same is true about how dealers and third party grading services are scamming the uninformed collector with "Early Release" and "First Strike" designations. An example:
    Since the mint started "striking" 2016 W Uncirculated Silver Eagle coins in August how can anyone tell that any particular coin is actually a "First Strike"? What do you do to “verify” that condition? These coins were held in stock for 4 months prior to release.

    People pay premiums for coins that have no added value other than a misleading label. We should judge the coin not all the fluff around it.



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