Here I have two coins that I'm curious about. These were two of the weirdest ones I bought on Ebay five years or so ago and I'm not even positive if they're real silver or not. I did do a bit of research before I bid on them but I don't know, I'm not seeing a whole lot of info on them now.

First up is a World Trade Unit 1 troy ounce silver round. Yeah, not really a coin (more like bullion), but is it real? How can I tell?

Same thing for the other one, a "34th Year of Kuang Hsu - Pei Yang" commemorative coin. I think it's sometimes referred to as a "Year of the Dragon coin." But again, where can I look this stuff up? Google is next to worthless now. It gives me a lot of results having to do with buying coins, not collecting or selling them.


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Sorry for the cruddy pics. I will take better ones if you think that would help...both coins have ridged edges and both feel to be about 1 troy ounce each.

Thanks for any help you may be able to give me!